Community Resilience 

Resilience is the ability of people, communities and systems to manage shocks and stressors and build stronger more prosperous communities. Community Resilience is comprised of three dimensions: Economic Resilience, Social Resilience, and Environmental Resilience.  Power52 is committed to using clean energy for job creation in low-income communities.


Installing solar + storage on community centers provides clean energy and backup power. The community centers then become resilient community hubs that will serve residents during power outages, natural disasters, and other emergencies. 

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Power52  graduates were contracted in 2017 to install solar panels on Living Classrooms' three community centers in East Baltimore, turning them into the nation's first urban community-based resiliency hubs through a partnership with the Baltimore City Office of Sustainability. The first of the three resiliency centers was installed in February 2018.

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In spring 2018, graduates of Powr52 Energy Institute’s Energy Professional Training Program will install solar panels and battery storage on the UA House at Fayette operated by Living Classrooms.  The graduates will also be preforming the ongoing operation and maintenance of the systems.

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