Q: How do I qualify for the energy saving program?

A: To qualify for the Power52’s energy saving program a recipient(s) would have to meet the US standard for Low Income Households. The annual household income would need to be equal to or less than the equivalent of 200% of the federal poverty level.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: To sign up to see if you qualify simply fill out the short application located under the benefits tab.

Q: Is Power52 part of BGE?

A: Power52 partners with BGE to provide affordable clean renewable energy savings

Q: Will I be billed separately?

A: You will still receive the same BGE bill you always have.

Q: How do I qualify for training and the scholarship?

A: To participate in the job training or college scholarship program the participant would have to live in a disadvantaged community/area and/or meet the US standards for Low Income Households.

Q: Are there going to be any Solar panels installed on my home?

A: Not at all! Power52 has dedicated systems located off site, meaning no panels on your home!

Q: If I don’t live in Maryland, am I still eligible?

A: In addition to meeting the income requirements, the recipients must have an account with a participating power company and/or utility. Currently, we are restricted to those in the BGE territory.

Q: What if I do not own my home? Or rent my home?

A: The program is not limited by whether the recipient owns or leases the home. However, homeowners must provide mortgage documentation and renters must provide leasing information and landlord approval prior to participating in the program.