Community Solutions

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Solar Initiative


“Power52 will not only give people opportunities, but it will also educate people so that they can understand the importance of energy independence while cutting their utility bill.”

-Ray Lewis


Power52 provides employment training for at-risk adults, returning citizens, and underserved individuals living in Baltimore City and surrounding counties that prepares participants for careers in the solar industry as well as other green job opportunities. 


Solar Production

Power52 programs generate 100% solar power that will benefit low-mid income residents with a focus on turning community centers into resiliency hubs, offering disaster relief support to their neighboring communities. These facilities are built directly in the communities they serve by the residents living there.


Training Programs

Power52 Energy Institute is the first Clean Energy Private Career School specializing in Solar PV installation to be approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Power52 Energy Institute offers an accredited eleven-week comprehensive training program which includes wraparound services to help ensure that the trainees are successful. Much like the power itself, the future and opportunities of those it benefits should be sustainable too.


Community Re-investment

Our long-term community development strategy is designed to break the cycles of poverty, unemployment, under employment and incarceration in our Urban Communities across the nation while simultaneously advancing communities resilience through a sustainable strategy.


Carbon Offset

Helping future generations is one of Power52's primary goals and lowering our carbon footprint through clean energy is just one of the many ways the program does so.


Job Creation

Creating sustainable community well-being is about jobs, and through Power52's programs there are many opportunities available for the community members involved.


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