Power52’s Energy Professional Training Program

Power52’s Energy Professional Training program is accredited by The National Center for Construction, Education & Research (NCCER). Each cohort is sixteen (16) weeks with 320 clock-hours of training which includes 225 clock-hours of classroom instruction, OSHA 10, 75 lab hours, 20 clock-hours of job readiness, and four (4) weeks on the job training. The standardized curriculum covers the basic concepts of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and their components. It also explains how PV systems are sized, designed, and installed. Power52 Energy Solutions have been instrumental in overseeing that our training curriculum is aligned to meet workforce needs and the needs of our employment partners, as well as facilitating the transition from training to employment by overseeing the four (4) weeks of paid supervised job training. 

Training Location:

Under Armour House at 1100 E. Fayette St. in Baltimore, MD, Power52 in partnership with Living Classrooms 

Candidate Requirements:

  • 18 Years of Age or Older (graduating high school seniors may also apply)
  • High School Diploma / G.E.D
  • Photo ID & Proof of Citizenship (birth certificate / social security card)
  • Baltimore City Resident
  • Driver's License Preferred

For information about how to enroll, please contact krystle starvis at tiztraining@livingclassrooms.org | 443.765.3354

** This project is funded, in part, by the State of Marylands EARN Maryland Grant Program, administered by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.


Power52 will provide training for other energy sector skills. This includes energy efficiency, LED lighting, smart building capabilities, power delivery and scheduling, and microgrid and battery storage.

Power52 graduates will perform the ongoing O&M (Operation and Maintenance) tasks as well as the power delivery components, also for the term of the contracts.